Sesame Seeds

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\ The Indian sesame seeds also contain calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B and iron. Plus, sesame seeds contain no cholesterol.Sesame seeds is one of the oldest seeds known to human. No one is quite sure of its exact origin, however it is known that the Egyptians ground the seed to make flour, the Romans ground the seeds with cumin to make a pastry for bread and the Chinese have been using sesame seeds for the past 5.000 years. Today, sesame plants can be found in Asia, North Africa as well as in Central America. In addition to its many uses, the sesame seed has excellent nutritional value. They have a high and unique protein composition making them a nearly perfect food. Sesame seeds contain extraordinary quantities of methionine and tryptophan, amino acids missing from most other vegetable protein sources that are important for healthy liver and kidneys and the utilization of B-complex vitamins.